----- Ursprüngliche Mail -----
hiermit die einladung zur AV-installation "even STRibber" im 

im frühling 2011 ist STR nach 20 jahren in deutschland -> weggezogen -> back 
home> nach wien. 
seit juni nun hat STR eine AV-installation im MQ, es haben bereits 3 
Stationsbetriebe stattgefunden. 
im zuge der vienna art week ist heute abend Stationsbetrieb 04. 

hope to see you, best, 

Elisa Rose 

----- Ursprüngliche Mail -----

STATION ROSE newsletter 16/11/2011: 

Dear Gunafa Netizen, 

tomorrow "even STRibber" - will happen in our installation at Museumsquartier . 
Even STRibber is part of Digital Thursday, VIENNA ART WEEK. 

join us! Elisa Rose & Gary Danner 

<even STRibber> Stationsbetrieb 04 THU 17/11/11 6-9pm 

The audio-visual installation STRIB_03 gets updated to even STRibber. 

MQ/quartier 21/V_port/Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna 

The artists will be present. 

After being active abroad for over 20 years, next to activities in Vienna 
throughout the years, STR´s Elisa Rose and Gary Danner are back home in Vienna 
since spring. In February 2011 their second base in Frankfurt a.M. was 
abandoned until further notice, and since then Station Rose´s headquarter is in 
Vienna again. 

Station Rose/STR extend their presence at Museumsquartier, where they have been 
active since June, and continue to show the media installation "Station Rose is 
Back/STRIB_01" at V_port. 

"A subtle intervention at an urban transit space of art, which keeps humming in 
your brain long after you left." Didi Neidhart 

During the exhibition diverse STR-Field-Duty activities have taken place. The 
field duty-activities at V_port at MQ continue now what STR had begun in the 
4th district in 1988. The Audiovisual installation even STRibber is a next 
upgrade. The subject of "Recycling Surplus to Save Nature" plays still a 
significant role, the used material´s sensuality meets new digital 
At the coming Stationsbetrieb, neighbourly relations get cultivated at the MQ. 
Ready for communication, STR gets in touch with others. 
The STReet of quartier 21 becomes the shared meeting point . 

You are cordially invited! 


place : Museumsquartier 
MQ wien | quartier21 | V_port | Museumsplatz 1 | 1070 Wien 

free entrance 

stationrose.com "Cyberspace & RL is Our Land" 







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