The Internet Archive <> has transformed 130,000
references to books in Wikipedia into live links to 50,000 digitized
Internet Archive books in several Wikipedia language editions including
English, Greek, and Arabic. And we are just getting started. By working
with Wikipedia communities and scanning more books, both users and robots
will link many more book references directly into Internet Archive books.
In these cases, diving deeper into a subject will be a single click.  ...
For example, the Wikipedia article on Martin Luther King, Jr
<> cites the book *To
Redeem the Soul of America*, by Adam Fairclough. That citation now links
directly to page 299
<> inside the
digital version of the book provided by the Internet Archive. There are 66
cited and linked books on that article alone. ....


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>> Das Internet Archive hat begonnen Quellenangaben in *Wikipedia* direkt
>>> auf die entsprechende Seite der Online-Ausgabe zu verlinken. So könnten
>>> interessierte Leser schnell weitere Informationen zum Thema in der
>>> Originalquelle finden, siehe Internet Archive Blogs
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