Archiving, Collecting and Preserving Digital Art Summit at ISEA2020
*Announcement & Call for Participation*
Extention of Deadline 14.1.2020

The Liverpool Declaration currently has more than 500 leading experts and the 
most influential institutions in the field of new media and electronic arts as 

Functioning as a mission statement, the Liverpool Declaration serves as a 
foundation for further action that was already being discussed at the 25^th 
International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2019), in Gwangju, Republic of 
Korea. A group of like-minded colleagues discussed approaches towards the 
problems and potential of the archiving of new media art. The overwhelming 
attendance to this meeting stressed the growing need for collaboration, 
structure and funding.

As a next step, at ISEA2020 (Montreal, Canada, May 19-24), a full day 
networking summit will be coordinated by the ISEA online Symposium Archives, 
the Archive of Digital Art, the Ars Electronica Archive, and SIGGRAPH Digital 
Art Show Archive. The definite date for the Summit is still being discussed and 
maybe the day preceding the actual ISEA symposium, on Monday May 18th. *Aims of 
this summit are to discuss roads towards realizing the Liverpool Declaration 
goals related to Media Art Archiving collaboration, funding and formats.*

1: Presentation of Liverpool Declaration and remarks on general state of affairs
2: Impulse Presentations (10 minutes each) of Case Studies, Infrastructures, 
international support
3: Breakout groups to discuss: Collaboration, Funding, Formats
4: Rapport of group discussions.
5: Plenary for creation of structured road map and concrete proposals. 
6: Conclusions and directions.

(It is planned to have all sessions live-streamed to enable virtual attendance 
of multiple archiving entities)
We invite to join the Summit and participate.
Deadline for Submissions: Jan 14, 2020

Email PDF proposals (maximum of 1 page each) to 
<> with:
Name and email address of Presenter
Name of Organization (if applicable)
Select which category the submission relates to (you may select more than 1):

1.    Case Study (collection / preservation)
2.    Infrastructures (new strategies & technology or documentation & archiving)
3.    International / intercontinental support and project structures

The proposals will be evaluated in January by representatives of the 4 involved 
organisations (Oliver Grau, Wendy Coones, Veronika Liebl, Bonnie Mitchell & Wim 
van der Plas). The outcome will be communicated in February.

   * *Oliver Grau* & *Wendy Coones*, Archive of Digital Art, 
   * *Veronika Liebl*, Ars Electronica Archives, 
   * *Bonnie Mitchell*, SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archives & ISEA Online
     Symposium Archives & (under construction)
   * *Wim van der Plas*, ISEA Online Symposium Archives 

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