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18.06.2020 - 19:00 CEST 
ribs  #06       
Sophia Bauer & Raphael Kariuki / SOUND OF NAIROBI
Sound and media artist Sophia Bauer will present a radio adaption of her 
installation Kereita Forest Block. It is part of a body of work called Forest 
Scapes which explores the influence of colonialism on forest landscapes through 
sound. Then she talks about how an acquisition of knowledge that is based on 
the auditory, can make it possible to rethink the relationship between 
colonialism, people, places and plants and to reassemble established 
Raphael Kariuki aka DJ Raph, DJ and Producer from Nairobi, will introduce SOUND 
OF NAIROBI (https://soundofnairobi.net/), an online open access archive, that 
was co-founded by both guests of this show and present a composition based on 
its sounds archive. SOUND OF NAIROBI employs sound as a material that can be 
archived, researched and explored as a source for information that can narrate 
the history of the city, now and in the future.


Sonic Perspectives from the Global South. Sounding Hospitalities. Time, Sound 
and Emancipatory Practices. Radio as Activism. 
Every Thursday from 19:00. to 21:00 CEST on www.inbetweenspaces.net 

International sound artists and experimental musicians, philosophers and 
theorists, critics and journalists explore questions of foreignness and 
proximity, solidarity and dissonance, vibration and materiality, meaning and 
noise, permeability and resistance.

A cooperation of ZAM Zentrum für aktuelle Musik e.V. with Akademie der Künste 
der Welt (Academy of the Arts of the World), Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and 
the Experimental Radio of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and its experimental 
radio projects bauhaus.fm and shift.fm. Special thanks to www.p-node.org. 
Funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, 
Kunststiftung NRW and the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.

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