Just thought I would share this...

OS: Fedora Core 5 -- updated with all current patches, fairly new install.
Tomcat: 5.5.15
MySQL: 5.0.22
JVM: 1.4.2 (gij 4.1.1) - out of the box Fedora install -- not Sun JDK

After following the roller installation directions very carefully, I was
unable to get roller started because of a problem getting the DataSource

After much debugging (to a relative Tomcat newbie) and reading detailed
debug logs and googling all over the place, the problem turned out to be
related to the factory used to instantiate the DataSource.

The error message in the roller log was:

   RollerContext:upgradeDatabaseIfNeeded - Unable to access DataSource
   javax.naming.NamingException: Cannot create resource instance

And similar output (cannot create resource instance) appeared in the tomcat
logs along with what looked like a class lookup for the ResourceFactory.

I also tried the tomcat 5.5 MySQL tutorial steps and also had what looked
like the exact same problem.
Further googling led to a note for an older version of Tomcat which defined
a factory in the Resource (as a Parameter -- which is the pre-5.5 way).
So,  I added the attribute:


to the <Resource> element, and things began working.

Same for the tutorial TestDB.


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