On 2018-03-13, 20:36 GMT, Ray Gallagher wrote:
> This may be the incorrect forum for this question, in which case apologies.

This is absolutely the most perfect place to ask such question.

> I would like to be able to default that step. Is it possible 
> to send "perform" as a parameter to the Rename command?

Not without some coding changes in ropevim (or perhaps ropemode, 
not sure).

And given that I believe, that future is with some multi-editor 
solutions based LSP, 
https://github.com/Microsoft/language-server-protocol), I am not 
willing to invest any work to ropevim. Most Python solutions are 
based on rope, so I see future for it, but I am deeply 
suspicious for anything above. I am trying vim-lsp (there is 
also much bigger LanguageClient-neovim), neither of which is 
really there yet, but I don’t see the future for ropevim. If 
anybody wants to care, I am willing to gave the repo immediately 
(together with ropemode).


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