from Maya Posch:

> One thing weighs in favour of using C++ over C and that is the increased type
> checking with the former, whereas the latter is decidedly weakly-typed.

> That said, C is hardly the maintenance and programming nightmare that it is
> made out to be by many. Proper design and architecture can make life so much
> easier no matter which language one uses.
> Naturally, if we're going to get paranoid about languages used, then I'd be in
> favour of using Ada. If it's good enough for avionics and ICBMs, then it's
> good enough for a desktop OS :)

> Maya

Idea of using C++ is not so crazy.  Haiku is programmed largely in C++.

C++ is more strongly typed than C.  I have some familiarity with Ada, which is 
(I believe) more strongly typed.

I am very limited in my ability to test ReactOS because of no place to put it.  
Hard drives are partitioned GPT, and booting from USB stick is problematic from 
what I read.


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