Hello all,

Our website has been migrated to a new Login system today and all
components have been upgraded to their latest versions.
In the course of that, the user database has also been moved into an
LDAP directory and cleaned from accounts that have never been used.

Please check that everything is working alright and report bugs in our
JIRA: https://jira.reactos.org
You are also advised to change your password in the self-service at
https://reactos.org/roslogin/?p=selfservice - even to the same one.
Every password change from now on will use a state-of-the-art hashing
algorithm (salted SHA-512 with 6000 rounds) to protect your account from
credential theft.

Unfortunately, there have been several newer accounts, for which the
password could not be migrated.
If you encounter problems logging in, please reset your account password
at https://reactos.org/roslogin/?p=forgot to regain access.

Best regards,

Colin Finck

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