I have an item for the agenda. I'd like to discuss the possibility of moving 
some of our drivers out of the main repo and into something more convenient.

In case I don't make the meeting, I'll put forward some of my reasons here:

This thought has come about due to the btrfs driver which we use from Mark 
Harmstone. Mark's project receives quite a bit of interest on github, and I'm 
assuming one of the reasons is that it's so easy to find and build. Searching 
for 'btrfs windows' lists his project as the top hit in google, and building is 
as simple as cloning, opening the project in VS and clicking build (assuming 
you have the WDK)

I'm wondering if we did the same thing to some of our drivers, we might 
generate more interest in them. A good example would be our NTFS driver. When 
searching for open source NTFS solutions you're only really given Linux and Max 
options. The reactos driver is buried deep in the search list, and you only see 
it if you know what you're looking for. Next if you want to build it, you need 
to clone the main reactos repo, install the build tools, setup and build the 
environment, build the tool chain, build the linkers libs, etc, etc. There are 
so many barriers for people who aren't part of the reactos development team 
that the chance of getting anyone interested in it are practically zero.

This process would be much simpler if the code was available to clone as a 
separate project, and could simply build with the WDK and VS. There's then a 
chance that it might start to generate interest, and people may start working 
on it instead of it just bit-rotting deep in our main repo.

If we're going to do that, why not consider others too. Network cards, sound 
stack, USB, boot loaders, printer drivers, directx, etc, There's lots of things 
that people might be interested in working on and using if they weren't tied to 
the reactos code base. We obviously benefit from any external interest, and 
simply pull/import it back into the reactos project.


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Hi all!

Looking at the calendar, it would be time for the July Meeting today.
However, I didn't receive any agenda proposals and also forgot to announce it 
in the course of releasing 0.4.9.
So I suggest we postpone the meeting to next week's Thursday, August 2.

Please send agenda proposals by then.
That meeting also allows us to handle last-minute planning regarding the 

Best regards,


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