Am 10.09.2018 um 00:03 schrieb theUser BL:
>> Isn't it fun that ppl simply don't understand a "NO" I give 'em in the 
>> forums?!
> Thats only a comment of ONE developer. If your medical doctor syas you 
> anything, do you never asks a second doctor again for the same thing, to see 
> if he was right?
A copyright violation is a copyright violation is a copyright violation.
No second opinion needed!

>> I even explained why and that GreenteaOS is not more than 
>> stolen ROS code (*)
> The only problem you have had is, that he have removed the name "ReactOS" 
> everywhere. But it is still al under the same license like ReactOS.

Do you like to go to a party where the host spits into the beer before
he hands it to you? I don't think you would.


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