I think it would be much better to implement accessibillity for visualy impared people when building an os, than having to find ways to make that possible when everything is built and running. Nvda is a good opensource screenreader for windows The only big problem is, it heavily depends on msaa and iaccessible which will not be included in reactos i suppose.
So: what would be the way to make this os accessible for the blind?
I am not a programmer at all so maybe i say stupid things. The most simple way i could think of is, creating a textmode environment. In this case i do not mean just a command prompt, like dos, but the full functions but without graphical interface(like the browser browsh, www.brow.sh) can do using a headless-firefox to open pages without needing anny graphical interface(in monochrome mode it displays just text, but is able to stream youtube/everything firefox can handle). If something like that can be created in reactos, the only thing needed is to make the windows binaries of brltty work and much of the accessibility would be ready to use, as long as every graphic element is banned from the screen otherwise blrtty will display just lines with ??????????????? on the braille display. I am curious to know if some things can be done to make reactos accesible for the blind.
best regards, Dick

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