It is the policy of ReactOS that we should not provide a direct way to apps
to distinguish ros from Windows, as a means to avoid apps including hacks
that are ReactOS-specific, which would be really bad for the progress of
reactos in trying to become more and more compatible with Windows.

In that spirit, the same thing you do for Windows 2003 sp2, should work in
ros, and if it does not, then we have a compatibility problem in our hands,
that might need an issue report at our JIRA site (

On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 19:10, Nick Surfer <> wrote:

> Hello all.
> Sorry if this mail is off topic of the mail-list, but am not sure which
> one is right for my question.
> I am writing a program which needs to know exact environment in which it
> is running. In case of Windows I simply use GetVersionEx and then analyze 
> dwMajorVersion
> + dwMinorVersion which is enough for my case (then I know which WIN API
> calls I should use). But I stuck how to recognize that my program runs in
> ReactOS. I failed to find any docs about it. Any help is appreciated.
> P.S. I am not well experienced in WIN API, so if someone gives me an
> example it will be great.
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