Hi all!

Another server has been migrated to new hardware and software today!
I'm talking about our Git/SVN Server, which also serves BuildBot,
Doxygen, download.reactos.org, etc.

The anticipated and actual downtime has been so low again that I didn't
even have to announce the migration in advance.

Some remarks though:

* If you had file server upload access to svn.reactos.org *and still
need it*, please let me know and I can recreate your account. Have your
SSH public key ready.
Note that I plan to set up an easier and more official file sharing
service for ReactOS soon.

* For obvious reasons, the Mumble server at mumble.reactos.org has not
been migrated and is now officially shut down. I'm looking forward to
finally set up the Mattermost instance once all existing VMs have been
migrated (5 done, 3 to go).

* git.reactos.org is no longer accessible via the git:// protocol.
If you have any URLs using that, please change them to https://.



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