Hi all!

Our own Mattermost instance is finally live at https://chat.reactos.org!

Enjoy an infinitely searchable history, offline messages, native picture
support, push notifications, a seamless experience on web and mobile,
and more.
All privately hosted on our own infrastructure and usable with the same
ReactOS.org account you already have!
Time to say goodbye to workarounds like IRC bouncers or third-party
services :)
I believe this can really improve our communication and accelerate

To make the migration as easy as possible, I have set up a bridge
between our Freenode IRC channels and Mattermost. User "RosBridge" will
transfer all messages from #reactos / #reactos-dev to Town Square /
Development and vice-versa. Let's see how long we're going to need that.

I hope you're all going to join the fun, so that we can already have the
next meeting in around 2 weeks on Mattermost!



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