Hi all!

As announced previously
(https://reactos.org/pipermail/ros-dev/2019-January/019044.html), we'll
be having the January meeting already this Thursday, January 24 in order
to have enough time for our GSoC application.
The meeting will also take place on our new Mattermost at
https://chat.reactos.org for the first time!

So let me invite you to this meeting, taking place again at 19:00 UTC.
If you haven't tried Mattermost yet, please log in to chat.reactos.org
now using your ReactOS.org credentials. Only then I can add you to our
new private "Meeting" channel. This one will not be bridged to IRC!
I will already start adding people to this channel now, so that the
meeting can start on time. If you have the feeling that I forgot about
you, please let me know timely.

The current agenda is as follows:

  * Status Updates
    As always, please have your status report ready before the meeting,
    so that we can get this done quickly.

  * Mattermost
    I need to know your opinion about Mattermost and whether you think
    that we should continue using it beyond our trial (ending mid-
    This would require an enterprise license for non-profits
    ($250 per three years).

  * Google Summer of Code 2019
    The list at https://reactos.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code_2019
    still doesn't show a single mentor. And
    https://reactos.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code_2019_Ideas certainly
    also needs some polishing. Let's finally make up our minds regarding
    this year's GSoC, so that we can submit our project application.

    I would highly appreciate if people updated those Wiki pages before
    the meeting. This could potentially save us hours of discussions and
    finding volunteers :)

Let me know if you want anything to be added to the agenda.



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