Hi all!

Let me invite you to the February 2019 meeting, taking place this
Thursday, February 28, 19:00 UTC. It will again happen in the private
"Meeting" channel on our Mattermost server at https://chat.reactos.org.

The current agenda is as follows:

  * Status Updates
    As always, please have your status report ready before the meeting,
    so that we can get this done quickly.

  * Google Summer of Code 2019
    Google is about to announce the list of participating organizations
    today, so we should prepare to spread the word and soon answer lots
    of questions from interested students.

  * 0.4.11
    Let's quickly update everyone on the state of the 0.4.11 release and
    the changelog in order to get it out soon.

As always, please let me know if you want anything to be added to the



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