Hello Everyone!!

Im Tibor Popper from Hungary, somewhere at middle of Europe :).

I want to apply in Google GSoC at this year, also I wanna be co-developer
of ReactOS project. I'm really exited about Operating System programming
right now, atleast for training myself? I dont really know, but more prefer
to make some new functions or fixes for ReactOS to really make this project
better, and really useful. Like.: UEFI boot, Kernel expansion, Graphics.

Im especially advanced in grafical programming with DirectX 11 / 12, but
maybe more with OpenGL 4+. I was developer of video games in some little
company, mainly for Windows, with Unreal Engine, Unity, I cant tell about
more. I didnt finished University of Pécs, with Engineering IT (BSc), but I
have Software Developer occupation. My main programming language is C++,
but not limited to others. I have started to look half year before how UEFI
works in general to start write EFI programs, but I abandoned this
studying, +  some OS from sctratch tutorials :) …

I really love to make things work! I love optimal and nice looking code,
performance, software design, functionality. I love to understand HOW
things work, I can take really much time discover these things, like in
Physics, also love that too.

Greetings, regards, Sumi!
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