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09.04.2019, 14:30, "Jatin Kumar" <jatin15011...@gmail.com>:
Hey there !
I am really interested to work with your organization.I have been doing web development projects using MERN stack for a while now,And I went through your reactOS GSOC’19 page. I am interested in making the web interface for reactos which can show all GitHub reactos repos, commits, etc using the GitHub API(https://www.reactos.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code_2019_Ideas#Developer_Web_Interface)
I am Looking forward to work on the same for GSOC this year under your mentorship. Currently I am reading the api documentation and trying to implement some basic stuffs using React and Node.js, till now I have created robust user ineterface with React and am looking forward to add some logics to it in coming hours.
Webapp link: https://reactos-web.herokuapp.com/
GitHub repo: https://github.com/AwesomeChap/ReactOS_Web_Interface
(Theme I chose in webApp mentioned above is completely customizable : You may think of present theme as Night Mode)
kindly review the links. Any suggestion would be appreciated

Jatin Kumar
Btech CSE 2nd Year

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