Recently I've looked into Doxygen manual for writing documentation and
noticed that an example on our Coding style
<https://reactos.org/wiki/index.php?title=Coding_Style> page on wiki uses
some statements in a wrong way.
Namely, @name statement is for defining sections, groups and definitely not
for functions/structs/classes etc.
Another thing is a function description. Doxygen has two types of them:
brief and detailed one. Brief description must be defined by @brief
statement, but for detailed one @details can be omitted (which in fact was
done in our example).
Obviously, brief description should be used in first place (and that would
be likely the only one)

I've made some changes, to the page (see the latest change in page history)
Btw, I think it can be extended to something like this (
http://micro-os-plus.github.io/develop/doxygen-style-guide/) sometime

If you have any objections or suggestions, feel free to add them or discuss

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