I should be available this weekend.



On 23-11-2019 22:12, Colin Finck wrote:
Hi all!

It took a while but FOSDEM has finally put a list of accepted stands on
their website: https://fosdem.org/2020/news/2019-11-19-accepted-stands/

Looks like we only got a stand on Sunday this year, with our friends
from Haiku OS having one on Saturday only. Not really what I thought
when signing up for a "shared booth as always", but I'm sure we're going
to manage that.

There are plenty of opportunities for us to fill an entire weekend in
Brussels, including

* Having a "mini Hackfest" on Saturday in a coworking space in Brussels
(or alternatively at FOSDEM itself, but it's going to be crowded there)

* Following up on what Victor and me discussed with the FreeBSD, Haiku,
NetBSD, and RTEMS people at GSoC Mentor Summit regarding a port of the
low-level FreeBSD kernel interfaces to ReactOS, making a vast amount of
network and storage drivers available to us.
As far as I recall, the FreeBSD people have a conference in Brussels
just before FOSDEM and are inviting us to join (Mahdi - correct me if
I'm wrong).

* Asking the Haiku guys if we shall try to join their booth on Saturday
while they join ours on Sunday (Adrien? Fran├žois?)

But first I'd like to know who else is definitely going to make it to
Brussels. Please reply to my mail ASAP, then we can have a short meeting
on Mattermost soon and come to a decision.



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