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I was the one 2003 started opengl and driectx support in ReactOS, at 2007 i did have full working directx support with ms own dxg.sys from windows xp, i never finish all thuse part but most are in place after me, next issue i did look into opnengl support hw as well i never look into how exacly opengl work, reactos did not have any hw accertiion support for opengl only software with mesa, today i do not known how the status of the dx a d opengl support works,  before me no doc was fund in msdn and so how it works, ms did release the doc after my implation of what i doc in the code and the wiki

Den sön 12 jan. 2020 19:38Victor Perevertkin < <>> skrev:

    If somebody will do it, these projects can be used :)

    But AFAIK nobody is going to work on graphics anytime soon

    On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 10:52 AM Javier Agustìn Fernàndez Arroyo
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        Hello guys,

        Please have a look at this website!

        Maybe ReactOS can use any of these pieces of FOSS

        what do you think?

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