Hi Victor,

On 2020-05-12 15:05, Victor Perevertkin wrote:
> Hi Frédéric,
> Debug logs are being written to a serial port if you select the "ReactOS 
> (Debug)" option in the bootloader. It will help to understand what's going on 
> in the OS. My guess that's some race condition while enumerating devices.> 
> As far as I can see, Xen shares some code with QEMU for device emulation in 
> HVM mode. Thus this wiki page (https://reactos.org/wiki/QEMU) may help to 
> tune some settings, because ReactOS doesn't work with all kinds of modes QEMU 
> offers (namely, q35 chipset doesn't work, 
> https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-13346)

Thank your for you feedback. I'll take into account your suggestions and try in 
> Checking latest development build may also help, but we haven't made much 
> changes to that part of OS recently.
> If you will manage to run ReactOS inside Xen, maybe it's worth creating a 
> dedicated wiki page for that along with other virtualization software.

Of course, especially I intend to help in making it working into Qubes.

> Anyway, thanks for your interest in our project :)
> Victor

Thank you again. I keep you in touch.


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