I cannot guarantee availability,
but I will try to at least hop in a few times to answer some questions.



On 20-Feb-21 20:18, Aleksey Bragin wrote:
If noone volunteers, then let me volunteer.

I perfectly remember CLT 2010 (and 2009), I enjoyed it, so why not enjoy it this time too? :-)

M.Sc. Alexey Bragin

On 2/20/2021 7:49 PM, Daniel Reimer wrote:
Small addendum. Not speaking german is no excuse. We already had non german speakers with us there who talked in english and Aleksey was greeted in finest russian.

Am 20.02.2021 um 17:30 schrieb Daniel Reimer:
SO, one day left...

No reply yet by anyone who wants to join. Well Amine Telegrammed me telling me he can help in case of emergency. But how about some more ppl who wanna show off ROS? Tbh I am tired of playing tag every year again and again. Especially the e.V. members can't say this came by surprise. So let's try it a bit different. If noone shows up we will try our best to do it on our own, but that will be that last time I will take lead in some event management. I do this not for myself here, I can spend my time with other stuff, too and that will be the case starting this year if no one will answer here in time now. Sorry if someone feels offended by this mail, but if no one wants us to take part in CLT, then tell me earlier next time!



Am 18.02.2021 um 10:53 schrieb Daniel Reimer:
Not much to say. I paste a translated mail from CLT staff in here now to give you all (non private) information we have by now:


As you can imagine, everything is a bit different this year. Due to the Corona situation, we will not be able to meet at the TU Chemnitz in March. Therefore, the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2021 will take place purely virtually. With this mail we would like to inform you about the essential boundary conditions.

You can register additional booth attendants until February 21.
We will provide you with a virtual videoconference room in our open source videoconferencing system BigBlueButton. Our visitors will be able to enter this videoconference room during the event and interact with you. We will offer demo dates for BigBlueButton. Until then you can test it at the following URL:

You are free to decide about the design of your booth program. You can either be available for talks and discussions the whole time or publish a small booth program yourself (e.g. mini-discussion rounds, quizzes, whatever comes to your mind). IMPORTANT: Please send us your booth program (time, title, short description) by e-mail by February 21. If you do not create your own program, please make sure that at least one of you is always available in the video conference room during the entire event, so that the booth does not look abandoned.


So I need one or two more guys to help out. Date is 13. / 14. March 2021. If you wanna help out, I will need your full name, title if existing and email address.



Daniel Reimer

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