As noted in mattermost,
I'd like to at least consider what Joachim has to say about this, considering the amount of work he spends on releases.


Oleg Dubinskiy's vote is not empty, he simply sent it as html so it is not nicely displayed in the mailing list.

On 07-Mar-21 11:18, George Bişoc wrote:
During the last days of February of this year some team members have 
participated in a vote concerning the delay of 0.4.14 release due to the amount 
of regressions making it not eligible to be released as per the release 
engineering guidelines. As 1st of March has already passed, this is the current 
situation with the votes as they stand out for the moment in the following 

1. Release 0.4.14 as-is (with its known regressions as of now)
* Javier Agustìn Fernàndez Arroyo
* Stanislav Motylkov
* Alexander Rechitskiy
* George Bişoc

2. Skip 0.4.14
* Victor Perevertkin
* Joshua Rice (non team member)

3. Fix the bugs as soon as possible

Oleg Dubinskiy's vote is not counted because his mail is apparently empty 
(???). Considering the collected votes, should we extend the period of voting 
for a few days so that the other team members can have an opinion too regard 
the matter or shall we conclude the voting as is and proceed further with 
releasing 0.4.14?


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