Joachim Henze wrote:
commit adee5ca255b7ed21f359ca8c1ca06bd44db90dcf
Author:     Joachim Henze <Joachim.Henze at>
AuthorDate: Mon Jun 28 02:05:56 2021 +0200
Commit:     Joachim Henze <Joachim.Henze at>
CommitDate: Mon Jun 28 02:05:56 2021 +0200

    [COMCTL32] Addendum to last commit (#3674) CORE-17199
Keep that section like we had it to
    support compilation on VS2010.
    It does still work like that.

diff --git a/dll/win32/comctl32/datetime.c b/dll/win32/comctl32/datetime.c
index 71bb3d238b0..51e58fc71f1 100644
--- a/dll/win32/comctl32/datetime.c
+++ b/dll/win32/comctl32/datetime.c
@@ -130,8 +130,13 @@ static const WCHAR allowedformatchars[] = L"dhHmMstyX";
 static const int maxrepetition [] = {4,2,2,2,4,2,2,4,-1};
/* valid date limits */
+#ifndef __REACTOS__
 static const SYSTEMTIME max_allowed_date = { .wYear = 9999, .wMonth = 12, 
.wDayOfWeek = 0, .wDay = 31 };
 static const SYSTEMTIME min_allowed_date = { .wYear = 1752, .wMonth = 9, 
.wDayOfWeek = 0, .wDay = 14 };
+static const SYSTEMTIME max_allowed_date = { /*.wYear =*/ 9999, /*.wMonth =*/ 
12, /*.wDayOfWeek =*/ 0, /*.wDay =*/ 31 };
+static const SYSTEMTIME min_allowed_date = { /*.wYear =*/ 1752, /*.wMonth =*/ 
9, /*.wDayOfWeek =*/ 0, /*.wDay =*/ 14 };

This adds an unnecessary ReactOS-specific diff to a file that was perfectly in sync with Wine 6.0 before, just for supporting an old compiler that has not only been abandoned by us, but obviously also upstream.

Being able to source this file unmodified (and eventually sourcing all of comctl32 automatically via a Git submodule/subpath/repo xml file) beats any such hack.
I therefore call for a revert.

Even worse than all of that, this commit has been silently sneaked on top of a PR without any review! Joachim, you love to criticize the instability of the master branch, yet continue to ignore basic development practices we have established.

And this isn't happening for the first time. Another example is where you disable sanity checks and create a diff to upstream. All without reviews and all just for your private goal of reducing the binary size of debug builds, something that is not important at the current stage of ReactOS.

I would love to see PRs for your ideas, and then we can discuss everything that hasn't been decided before (i.e. not VS2010 support again). But if this doesn't stop, I have no chance other than removing your push access to the GitHub repo, as everything else would mean condoning that uncooperative behavior.

Best regards,


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