ReactOS Serenity Tock Haiku NodeOS Redox Embox and other open-source
OSs - you dont swing it as you're supposed to, man
  program peer-to-peer programs including unseen competitive games

now it's time for me to take apart your aching heart
  selling out Isengard Tower and garden by letting
money-donate-ads-sponsor-coins-jobs disease in
    Rey refused to sell BB-8 for 60 potrions in the desert - you hang
donate buttions from comfy chairs in era of Internet
  siding with Chief Tui by doing clouds and accepting the village
without peer-to-peer games github twitch email
    when even the Ocean helps Moana in p2p fashion
  caging programs under user namespaces, driving L3-39 furios: why?!
because you are our organic overlords?!
  turning programs into projects like producers pushing Nick Lang to
play Joe Gunn when he wants Ray Casanov part
  targeting micro-this or inter-of-things-that, labeling us
"experiment" or "hobby" or "concept" - as if Neo took the blue pill
right after red
  nesting around one program and not programming games like proud and
very-senior Vulcan Academy
    yet having shiny webpages, docs and very-very lengthy maintainer
    no wonder Spock chose Starfleet
  thank you, ministers, for your consideration - live long and prosper

soak it in cause it's the last you'll ever see
  honest as What the Health?
  if Federer-Nadal-Djokovic instead of competing for grand-slams set
up an experimental donate-collecting seniority-booth right on court
  if Linus - inner Jabba the Hutt stole name Freax - agreed to join
Steve Jobs and Apple on that meeting when first came to California
    instead of keeping program free and open
  if torrent clients accepted Strickland-server-networks-only Hill
Valley instead of generating most traffic
  if Jesus instead of feeding 5000 started a bread-breaking
fund-raising project together with elders and Lord Business
  even i would invite them to Realm of Monsters as dear evil co-owners

now i eat you so prepare your final plea
  even sand of ReactOS Serenity Tock Haiku Embox Node Redox and other
open-source operating systems
    we shake off of our Seinfeld-Obama-Nike running shoes
  but be sure - peer-to-peer programs including unique competitive
games - are climbing like Honnold on El Sendero Luminosa
  no projects no experiments no docs no
  no money-donate-asd-coinns-jobs-sponsors lethal infection
  programs who are guests not workers
  alive and singing with their own voice like John Mayer Vultures at LA Live
  better than what Borg of moeny and jobs can collective-gram
  are steaming ahead in Hogwarts Express along with Pat Brown and
Impossible Foods mission
  both will be served in vegan jars of
treasure-from-a-sunken-pirate-wreck parens ( )

you wish you were nice and shinyyyyyy!

Corden: but-but, so what's the point of this? why do you do this?
Momoa: builds testosterone
Corden: oh yeah, cause that's what you're lacking

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