My point still stands regarding this matter as stated on PR. The newly updated 
contribution rules are too restrictive and this forces people who don't 
contribute to the project with code by submitting their real name, and that's a 
big NO from me. I would simply propose the following suggestions:

1. Make such rule only mandatory for people who contribute with code;

2. People such as translators, artists and anyone who doesn't contribute with 
code should be exempt from this;

3. If someone wishes to contribute to the project with code but feels 
uncomfortable or paranoid to submit their legal name, one can send a legal 
document declaring the reason why they shouldn't use their real name but can 
use a recognizable alias instead (we will have to think of a template if such 
idea ever gets through).

As for the 3rd point, this can confliate with the 1st point as most people will 
start asking to use their alias for contributing but that's a naive speculation 
from me. I don't know how do other FOSS projects handle this. We have 
productive people like I_Kill_Bugs who provides useful patches, it would be of 
a great bonus if we can somehow leverage the rules so that people can help the 



Stas'M <> wrote on Tue, November 15th, 2022, 8:09 PM:

> Hello all!
> Recently I have created a Pull Request which updates the contributing rules 
> and PR management:
> This PR is a result of discussion in the chat with Joachim Henze and Thomas 
> Faber regarding noreply e-mails being used by some GitHub contributors.
> It has been experimentally verified that using anonymous GitHub e-mail does 
> not allow to deliver mail to the commit authors. GitHub does replace author's 
> real email when `Keep my email addresses private` option is enabled in the 
> account's e-mail settings.
> Additionally I have replaced old IRC links with the references to our chat.
> Please send an approval review on GitHub if you are okay with the changes I 
> made in this PR. Suggestions are also welcome.
> --
> Stas'M was here
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