I see that as of 0.546, form validate() calls get passed to sub-forms by

   * Added a cascade parameter to validate(), which defaults to true.
     (Suggested by Guillermo Roditi)

Which is great - exactly what I needed! But there is an order-of-operations
problem for me, because validate() calls the sub-form validation before it
calls the per-field validation. If my form validation routine says

$self->field('password')->error('Password and confirm do not match');

then it will be overwritten immediately after by the per-field validation,
which unconditionally sets


on every call.  Is it possible to a) Perform the field validation before the
form validation or b) avoid wiping out existing field errors on every call
to field->validate()?

I do know that form-level validation in practice should (by convention) be
writing errors on the form level, not the field level, but the field-level
errors give me flexibility in my layout template so that I can display
errors relatively close to their respective fields.

I have added this to my base-class, but it seems like a nasty workaround

sub validate {

 my($self, %args) = @_;

 my $ok = $self->SUPER::validate(%args);

 unless ($ok) {
   $args{form_only} = 1;

 return $ok;

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