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Bob McClure wrote on 1/7/08 6:11 PM:
> I'm using Rose::DBx::Garden v0.09 (with Perl v5.8.5 on a Red Hat ES4
> platform) and have read the man page for RDG, but I am still clueless
> on how to use its products, which look neat.  I've read and reread the
> RDBO::Tutorial, but, of course, it mentions nothing of the advanced
> goodies that RDG generates.

you've seen I presume?

> Is there a good RDG tutorial somewhere that I've missed in my web
> search?


which walks through most of the Controller/Model code that RDGC produces.

> Or should I pursue another tool like CatalystX::CRUD?  I want to stay
> with RDBO and have no interest in DBIC.

CatalystX::CRUD is just a highlevel API. You can look at
CatalystX::CRUD::Model::RDBO and CatalystX::CRUD::Controller::RHTMLO for details
on using the Rose implementations.

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