Dear Rosers,

I have never fully understood the implications of this message:

WARNING: Fetching sub-objects via more than one "one to many" relationship
in a single query may produce many redundant rows, and the query may be slow

I have avoided doing such queries until now but now I have reached that
point.  I'm not fussed about the "slow" part of this - it's the redundant
rows I want to avoid - doesn't this amount to an "incorrect result"?

I've looked through the documentation and the discussions but cannot find
anything comprehensively explaining the implications.  I'm sure I won't be
the only person who would appreciate a short piece with:

The theory
A tiny example showing what can happen.
An explanation of when redundant rows do happen and conversely when it's OK
to not worry (and use the multi_ok switch)
A way to use multiple one-to-many relationships without getting the
redundant rows.

I don't want to waste anyone's time and possibly a piece outside Rose
documentation exists.  Is there anything out there that will assist?



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