>>>>> "John" == John Siracusa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

John> That's about it.  I've not heard anything really bad about Google
John> Code, but neither have I heard anything really good.  Anyone have any
John> opinions or experiences to share?

There are only a couple of issues I've seen.  Some projects' mailing
lists are b0rked since they moved to google.  Vim is a notable example.

To avoid what happened to vim, do not move the lists' subs.  Rather,
require everyone manually subscribe to any new list.

The other issue is that they do nat have a way to rsync the repo as you
can now from rsync://rose.svn.sourceforge.net/svn/rose/.  In that
respect they are a black hole.  (A distributed scm will of course avoid
that; I don't know whether googlecode supports any of those yet.)

Otherwise I haven't seen any problems with them.

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