On 22/10/2011 19:51, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
On Saturday, October 22, 2011, Thorben Dahl wrote:

Hello! I'm experiencing what I think is a bug, but what are your thoughts?

When I export a MIDI file in Rosegarden, none of my ramped tempo changes
act as ramped, instead acting as fixed tempo changes.

It's a bug, and there is no way to work around it.

Yes I remember this was discussed a while ago when someone asked about 'fermatas'

A *very hackish* workaround if one really needed midi-file export could be to re-record the ramped midi 'live' at a fixed tempo thus 'hardcoding' the tempo changes to a new project and then exporting that to midi (see attached examples)

Anyway it seems Rosegarden is not alone with ramp problems ;) have a look:

Anyway I agree that as the ramps are linear the exported midi file (maybe have an option??) should hold the tempos that 're-create' the map,
I guess the tricky part is to decide what "resolution" it should have.


When I think about it, I'm surprised more people haven't run into this.  Tempo
ramps were never fully implemented from the beginning, years ago now, and
nobody ever came back to finish the job.  If my memory is correct, the MIDI
export side of things is the one bit nobody ever finished.

I'll try to take a look over the weekend and see if I think I have any hope of
getting that taken care of myself.  If so, I'll give it a shot, and if not,
which is rather likely I'm afraid, it's just going to have to continue to be
broken until someone else fixes it.

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