On 05/11/11 05:48, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> ====== ROSEGARDEN 11.11, codename "Edelweiss" RELEASED ======

Thank you all! Eager to try it out.


> The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 11.11 of
> Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.
> A long time in the making, this release combines a number of bug fixes with
> two major sub-projects that happened to come together right at the same time,
> and several completely new features as well.  It is probably our most
> substantial offering since the landmark 10.02.
> http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/
> Ian Gardner and Yves Guillemot have worked together for nearly a year to
> invent, implement, and refine the new concept of linked segments, which allow
> you to maintain a master performance in one segment while copying it to other
> places, or even other tracks.
> When manipulating segments in the main window, Ctrl+Alt+drag creates a linked
> segment from an existing one, and there is a new "Turn Links into Copies"
> entry on the Segment menu.  Repeated segments may be displayed in the notation
> editor (in gray), and depending on the state of the configuration option, the
> original segment may or may not be modified in notation from its repeating
> copies.  Redundant clefs and keys may be hidden automatically, within one
> segment or a chain of consecutive segments.  This new work also improves
> Rosegarden's long-standing problems with anacrusis in notation.
> Tom Breton added several new features, and carried out a number of internal
> optimizations. "Composition ->  Fit Existing Beats to Beat Segment" takes a
> beat track and adjusts tempo to put real time and beats exactly on the given
> notes.  "Segment ->  Expand Block Chord Segments by Figuration" lets you 
> define
> a bar of figuration and expand it for every block chord in a segment.
> Finally, "Edit ->  Clear Range of Tempos" allows you to remove all tempo
> changes falling within a defined range.
> Additionally, Daren Beattie, Alvar Udras, and D. Michael McIntyre formed a
> miniature version of the original porting team.  The 10.02 release saw
> Rosegarden transformed from a KDE 3 application into a Qt 4 application, but
> much work remained to be done to remove all lingering remnants of the old
> code.  With this release, Rosegarden improves its chances of long-term
> survival by eliminating its reliance on the Qt 3 support layer.  With these
> ties to the past removed at last, it should be much less involved when the
> future arrives, and we find ourselves needing to port to Qt 5.
> ===== New Features =====
>    * Linked segments
>    * "Turn Links into Copies" entry is added to the segment menu
>    * Repeated segments may be may be displayed in the notation editor in
> several optional ways
>    * Redundant clefs and keys may be hidden automatically
>    * In the configuration dialog a new tab controls the preceding features
>    * Changed the behavior of SegmentSplitCommand to ensure that if a segment
> was selected before being split, the two new split segments would also be
> selected
>    * Fit to Beats; takes a beat track and adjusts tempo to put real time and
> beats exactly on the given notes
>    * Erase Tempos in Range
>    * Expand Figuration, which lets you define a bar of figuration and expand 
> it
> for every block chord in a segment
>    * Improved performance of VU meters
>    * Linked segments can be used to create repeats with 1..n alternate endings
> (with some caveats)
>    * Create Anacrusis automates a tedious sequence of steps, making it a snap
> to start pickup notes at precisely the right time, with all the following
> segments lining up properly
> ===== Bug Fixes =====
>    * Fixed B#/Cb octave export problem in MusicXML and Mup
>    * Fixed problem with segments repeating when they shouldn't have been
>    * Fixed the solo buttons in the transport toolbars in the notation and
> matrix editors, and changed the behavior so that the solo button is in the
> same state everywhere, no matter what content is being displayed in a
> particular window
>    * Fixed the settings amnesia problem with the main window parameter area
>    * Fixed a bug where events beyond the end marker of the first segment in a
> join would appear in the joined segment
>    * After joining segments, the newly created segment is now selected
>    * Pitch tracker now tracks pitches when they are in octaves below notated
> with "ignore
> octave error" on
>    * Pitch tracker honors "ignore octave error" flag
>    * Default pitch tracker settings are no longer stupid
>    * Flats were not cancelled on a C-maj key change
>    * Rulers in notation were desynchronized when a segment was deleted while
> some zoom factor was in use
>    * The "anacrusis problem" which was giving a broken notation when a segment
> in contact with a preceding one was not starting at the beginning of a bar
> ===== Available Languages =====
> We have reached a point where we no longer have the resources to even attempt
> to maintain a regular translation program.
> =====People who contributed to Rosegarden development for this release:=====
>    * Niek van den Berg
>    * Alvar Udras
>    * Ted Felix
>    * Daren Beattie
>    * Tom Breton
>    * Yves Guillemot
>    * Ian Gardner
>    * Nick Bailey
> =====People who contributed device and demo files to the Rosegarden
> Library=====
>    * Aere Greenway

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