On 21/04/12 11:43, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Friday, April 20, 2012, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>> There is the the controller ruler but it seems very broken
> Indeed, I forgot all about how I was supposed to go back to the video and try
> to reproduce it for myself.
> I don't have time right now, but maybe this weekend.  Maybe.
No problem ;)
>> I'm pretty sure there was a way to insert and manipulate Ped. and *
>> marks in the notation editor view which would automatically be
>> translated to controller 64 messages, but in 11.11.42 I can't figure out
>> how to do it.
> It's still there, but it isn't the most obvious thing to find.  Segment ->  
> Add
> Pedal Press and Segment ->  Add Pedal Release.  These appear to work.
Well... I'm a little embarrassed :| I clearly oversaw it... thanks for 
re-pointing it out.
> It occurred to me these would work well on a toolbar, and I actually managed
> to knock that together with my little bit of spare time today.  You'll find
> them on one of the toolbars on the right side of the notation editor when
> 12.04 releases.
Cool! Yes I think it is useful on a toolbar! I'll check it out as soon 
as I have some time to do a re-compile.

Thanks for the support,

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