Richard Bown wrote:
> Ok so a quick trawl of emails turned up some names perhaps that could 
> contribute to new website/direction/developments.
> Just to say that this is just a quick scan and I may have missed out some 
> people who are big current contributors.  This is just to get the ball 
> rolling so apologies in advance if your name is here in error or not here and 
> you want it here.
>> Songwriters  
>> Will J Godfrey
>> Holger Marzen
>> Neil Bryan      User/Supporter
> Perhaps the above could contribute links/music/videos etc?
>> Current Core Dev    
>> Michael         
>> Tom Breton   
>> Daren Beattie
>> Ian Gardner  
> A plan for the future Dev direction if any.  Having no plan is also fine.
>> Devs or Interested in Ports 
>> Ian Gardner   Mac Port
>> David Tisdell   Mac Port potentially?
>> Richard         Windows Port.
> Maybe some ideas of timescales if these are real possibilities?
>> Website        
>> Brett McCoy
>> Michael 
>> Chris?
>> Richard      
> Some idea of what to do with it and how to go forward.
> Thoughts?

Yes, I have some thoughts! To briefly introduce myself so I don't look like an
intruder, I have been a on-off Rosegarden User for many years (and still am
when I find time for making music) and my tiny contributions so far for RG
have been two instrument definition files (Korg 05R/W and Yamaha RM50), a RG
1.7.3 Package for Mandriva 3 years ago and now a RG package for RHEL 6 and
clones. I'm not a programmer so can't help on that side (I'm a sysadmin

To get back on subject, I think RG needs to be more visible in the Linux world
to attract new users and even more importantly make sure that packagers of all
major Linux distros are aware of new releases, so that the latest version
swiftly ends up in the repos of current distros.

Without this crucial task most users will never be able to use RG as very few
users are experienced enough to build from source themselves!

Like I mentioned in another post I have taken the liberty to post the 12.04
release announcement to and IMHO this should be
standard practice at every new release as it keeps RG in the news (at least
occasionally) and it might alert packagers that there is a new version out.

But since it's far from certain that all or even most packagers read these
Linux newssites, it would maybe be useful to set up a rosegarden-announce
mailing list just for new release announcements and then contact packagers of
linux distros that have packaged up previous versions of RG encouraging them
to subscribe to that list so that they stay informed about new releases.


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