Hi all,

This is my first posting to this listserv.  I have twice emailed a 
subscribe note to the moderator without response, however I am foggy
 on the mechanics of using this listerv as the layout does not seem 
to be the most user friendly I have ever seen.

I've been using various versions of Rosegarden off and on for years 
now and for the past year and a half have been using it exclusively
My current setup is Kubuntu 12.04 LTS plus KXstudio driving a Korg 
TR76 and most recently a Casio XW-P1 keyboard.

Now the Korg TR is essentially a Triton LE with a few minor improvements
and the Casio is a brand new performance synth including patches from
their old CZ series.

Originally the Korg TR was happy enough with the bundled RGD files
for the Korg X50 program and X50 combi patches, though in the latest
Rosegarden Release the combi patches have disappeared from bundled 

Ideally I'd like to find a true Triton LE or Korg TR series RGD as 
well as a Casio XW-P1 RGD file ready made.  I realize I could manually
enter about 4000 parameters by hand and create my own however this
strikes me as monumentally tedious as well as hopelessly redundant.

What I propose, and forgive me if it already exists, is setting up 
an archive somewhere on the web for all RGD files and versions 
submitted by users past, present and future.

I honestly cannot believe that no one, no where has never set up a
Triton LE RGD but the more plausible belief is that probably many
have done so over the years and they have been set aside and forgotten
 as musicians have moved along to newer shinier toys.

Believe me, I'd be far more inclined to spend a month of tedious data
entry documenting and configuring an RGD for the Casio and the TR IF 
there was some certainty that I wouldn't be the only one to ever use it.

So I pose to you here these questions.

1)  Does anyone have a complete or embryonic version of a Korg TR or 
Triton LE RGD file they would be willing to share or collaborate on?

2)  Does anyone out there have a complete or embryonic Casio XW-P1 RGD
they would be willing to share or collaborate on?

3)  If one does not already exist, would the maintainers of Rosegarden
be willing to set up an archive resource of past, present and future
RGD contributions both from developers as well as users?  Should such
an archive already exist, could someone PLEASE point me at it because
Google searches are coming up empty?

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