david <gnome@...> writes:

> On 05/12/2012 11:56 AM, david wrote:
> > On 05/12/2012 11:04 AM, Gary G. wrote:
> >> Perhaps this would be better targeted to the developers' list but here's
> >> another thought on RGD files.
> >>
> >> Perhaps some genius script programmer out there could write a conversion
> >> utility that converts Cakewalk/Sonar INS files into RGDs?  Or perhaps
> >> even one of the Rosegarden Developers could write an import utility to
> >> accomplish the same thing directly within the Rosegarden application
> >> itself?
> >>
> >> While IANAL and have no idea if the INS format is proprietary or not,
> >> FOSS is full of reverse engineered document viewers and converters which
> >> seem to coexist beautifully with their non free counterparts.
> >>
> >> Such a utility would allow instant access to a library of thousands of
> >> MIDI instruments and save us all the mind numbing task of entering
> >> thousands of parameters by hand.  Honestly I'd think a simple perl or
> >> python script would be all that's necessary to make Rosegarden a
> >> thousand times more useful than it is even now.
> >
> > You mean something like the script mentioned here?
> >
> > http://rosegardenmusic.com/resources/documents/rgd-HOWTO.shtml
> Oh, sorry, that's not the script, it's a how to that mentions a script 
> that converts properly-formatting plain text or CVS files into RGD.

I downloaded and ran txt2rgd.py shortly after I posted and tried it out
on a Cakewalk INS file that specifically targets my Korg TR.  It barfed
out over 2400 errors!!!

Now if I have to go in and reformat 2400 lines in order to create a viable
text file for the conversion that's really not going to save me a lot of
grunt work.  And that's only for ONE synth!

Now seriously, I'm a user, not a programmer nor a spreadsheet wizard.  I
haven't touched a line of code since college over 25 years ago.

Seeing as Cakewalk/Sonar INS files are ubiquitous, unchanged for over two
decades and as close as a standard as anyone can get to set out instrument
definitions, it strikes me as a long overdue and almost trivial
afterthought for any seasoned script programmer to write a 100 line or so
conversion utility.

Hell, the last code I wrote was in Turbo Pascal and even I could kludge 
together something that could do the job if I had all the parameters handy.

In fact, if nobody steps up to the plate on this and offers to write it, I
may just end up having to do it myself anyway.

Lord knows it's a hell of a lot easier than transcribing the Bible in
Calligraphy, which is what the conventional wisdom seems to dictate is the
only way to create a viable RGD file.

Just something to ponder...

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