> Gary G. wrote:
> Actually I just checked and that script is still included in
> the current
> rosegarden source code tarball, you can find it under
> /scripts/.
> Here are some instructions on how to use it:
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.audio.rosegarden.user/5102
> If the rgd file format and the ins file format hasn't
> changed since 2005 ,
> then the script should still work fine.

Here's getting it from the Rosegarden source-code repository:




I'm not a Perl guru, but can fumble around if need to.  If you have problem 
running the script to convert certain .INS file(s), I can probably help take a 
look at a couple of those if I can find the time, first come first serve -- no 
guarrantee what-so-ever.  But first, run the script if you can, capture the 
errors, and the resulting output file.

Post and attach tar/zip copy of those files to this mailing list, so other 
people can help out, or learn by fumble-around on their own if they want.  It's 
Rosegarden related, so it's not off-topic on this list.


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