On 17 May 2012 09:10, Gary G. <happyrat1@...> wrote:
> How do you attach anything to this Listserv?  Actually is it a Listserv or
> an NNTP server?

If you use gmame to read and post to this mailing list, I don't see any obvious 
way to attach files through their simple web interface.

As Chris C. said, you can subscribe (using one of your email addresses).  It 
may be better to use a separate email address (a throw-away-able account) other 
than your personal email accounts for friends and family.

Several Rosegarden mailing lists are at:


this particular mailing list is the "User list".  Once you subscribed to it 
with your email, any email addressed to


is a post to the mailing list.  You can attach files to such emails if needed.


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