> On 05/17/2012 02:26 AM, David Tisdell wrote:
> > I hear you but as a music teacher and music software
> evangelist, it is
> > huge when I can push an app that runs on multiple
> platforms to an
> > education audience. I do all of my most important audio
> work in Linux

I hear ya, but being short-handed as far as deverlopers to do the work, I think 
Rosegarden should concentrate on being "solidly good" at what it does, even 
just to maintain the current set of functionalities, rather than trying to do 
too much (multi-platform) and being mediocre at it.

People who don't program for complex software projects for a long time don't 
know the countless problems that software developers have to deal with.

Different platforms will have multitude of problems relating to testing, 
different versions of libraries, drivers, software...

Even different Linux distros, or within the same distro have different library 
versions and quirks of their own already (Debian stable, testing, unstable...)

Windows itself is not homogeneous as some marketing department wanted you to 
believe.  Have you experience the numerous printers, scanners... which won't 
work?  That's right, device drivers only work for specific releases of Windows 
(95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8).  Some won't even work for 
different editions of the same Windows release (home, pro, multi-media, 
enterprise...)  Some softwares may require specific service-pack or later for 
it to work, too.

Watch out for the horrendous performance interference from various 
anti-malware, anti-virus softwares.  Oh, yeah...  There are numerous malwares 
that the anti-malware and anti-virus stuff won't even detect properly, let 
alone clean up.

People who don't want to learn will readily make up all kind of excuses to 
avoid having to learn.  Wait until they start using Rosegaden and complain that 
it doesn't work like FruitLoops, Cubebase, GarageBand, or whatever...  The same 
way some people complain that LibreOffice, or OpenOffice doesn't look, or work 
like MS Office.  Those people are more troublesome than it's worth to try to 
convince, or convert.  Just let them go...  If and when they are ready, they 
will find a way.


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