On 20/09/12 09:25, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On 09/19/2012 10:14 PM, k...@trixtar.org wrote:
>> How do I make a piece I'm working on sound like the guitar
>> i.e. 1 octave lower than the treble staff (normally) used
>> for notation without changing the latter?
> There are a few ways.  In a new piece you can use "Create segments with"
> in Track Parameters to set the track up ahead of time so that the
> notation you draw there will come out using the guitar clef.
> In an existing piece, you can change the clef to a guitar clef manually
> by double clicking the clef, then editing it until it shows "Treble down
> an octave."
> I haven't played with that in the longest time, and don't have time to
> set up my MIDI rig to experiment.  Last time I worked on that code,
> years ago, all the specialty clefs were working, and setting that up
> should get just the result you want.
> You could also do this using a standard treble clef and setting the
> transpose in Segment Parameters to -12.

Personally I think that especially if you're going to print/export the 
score, this is the best option for one reason: 99% of (classical) guitar 
scores I've ever seen use a standard treble clef and give for granted 
that the guitar is a 'transposing' instrument. Wikipedia seems to 
contradict this [1] and says the octave clef is used for guitar from the 
18th century. Go figure.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clef#Octave_clefs

> There are probably other ways still.  See how far you get with this much.

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