This networking topic just cought my eye. For whatever it may/maynot be worth 
I've been using this D-Link usb wifi transceiver that seems to work out of the 
box with several distros

there's a slightly larger newer version available too. The driver I think is 
r8712u. I bought several of the buggers when they came out so as to have a 
standardised interface for all my destktops/laptops and sofar I'm VERY happy 
with it.

- UbuntuStudio
- Debian
- OpenSuse
- not sure about some of the others that I use much less frequently (hardly 

It gives me the added ability to instantly and physically disconnect by just 
pulling it or to use it on any computer. It is usually auto detected and when I 
have any problem I just pull & reinsert to reset everything. 


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