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>>> Boot from the DVD?  Forget it.  Boot from USB?  Forget it.  BIOS screen
>>> to change the boot order?  You must be joking!  No, you have to boot
>>> Windows 8, then dig deep into some obscure menu, then enable something,
>>> then reboot Windows 8, then dig into some other obscure menu and blah
>>> blah blah for two hours, until you FINALLY figure it out, and get Linux
>>> to boot.
>> UEFI at its worst. I've been informed by Dell, though, that they carry
>> many laptops that boot and run Linux just fine. (Looking at buying one
>> to replace my wife's ailing netbook, since netbooks don't seem to exist
>> anymore.)
>> Of course, Linux hardware vendors aren't necessarily any nicer. My
>> wife's netbook came with Ubuntu Linux installed. We don't use Ubuntu, we
>> use Debian. But there are some system settings we can't change under
>> Debian because the vendor's software for changing them runs only under
>> Ubuntu.
> Shuttle Computer makes Linux compatible boxen - and very nicely built ones
> too!  The Intel NUC boxen work well with Linux also and they are good on
> power consumption and space.  They even have a 5th generation i7 one.

Looking for a small laptop, not a box. Apparently they don't make any 
laptops, although they appear to be trying to get people to make their 

>>> If I had faced a challenge like that on the very first day, I never
>>> would have gotten anywhere with any of this.  My level of dedication and
>>> persistence just wasn't nearly high enough.
>>> Another thing that's changing is that email is almost irrelevant now,
>>> and all the old haunts I grew up with have disappeared, without anything
>>> really replacing them.  Everybody is on Facebook now, and there's
>>> nothing social about Facebook unless you're a pretty girl.
>> Facebook is a display ad platform. Check out what the Adcontrarian has
>> to say about FB. ;)
> I thought people call it "Tracebook" for a reason.  At least the police
> and fire brigades call it that ;-)

Yup, and very useful for it, too. Burglars like it, too.


>> Facebook: The most successful Russian Mafia money-laundering operation
>> of all time.
> I understand it actually has close ties to an American government agency
> starting with the letter N, ending with A ;-)

The main big investor behind Facebook in the beginning was a Russian 
billionaire, much of whose money came from the Russian Mafia.

NSA got into it only after it became big and successful. I'm pretty sure 
the Russian intelligence agency is plugged into it, too.

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