Great job guys! Can't wait to get hold of this release and play with it!

Thanks a lot for this release.

On 31/08/2015 09:25, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> ====== ROSEGARDEN 15.08, codename "Nostalgia" RELEASED ======
> The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 15.08 of
> Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for
> Linux.
> The steady stream of work from Ted Felix has served as the backbone of
> Rosegarden development all year.  He has done an immeasurable amount of
> cleaning, simplifying, stabilizing, and organizing work to make the
> codebase cleaner, leaner, and more reliable in use.  Michael and Yves
> have done a bit of work here and there, and recently there has been a
> succession of patches from Tito Latini attempting to address some old,
> tricky, and annoying bugs.
> ===== Notes =====
>     * The code for the Instrument Parameters panel for MIDI instruments
> (MIDIInstrumentParameterPanel) has been simplified and cleaned up.  Many
> small bugs were fixed along the way.
>     * Do not allow saving over a read-only file. (Bug #1430, r13839)
>     * A change to the field order in exported csound files. (Steve
> Conrad, r13862)
>     * Stop sending reset all controllers messages (121) at playback.
> (r13867)
>     * Change to knob (rotary) behavior.  Center-click now centers while
> right-click sets to default.  (r13889)
>     * Added center-click and right-click behavior to faders to match
> knobs.  (r13890)
>     * Receive external checkbox on the MIDI Instrument Panel is now
> always available to allow selecting banks and programs even when no
> proper device file is available.  (r13899)
>     * Changes to the Studio in the Manage MIDI Devices dialog are now
> immediately reflected on the MIDI Instrument Parameters panel.  (r13904)
>     * MIDI volume and all other controllers in the device file can now be
> adjusted via the "external controller" port.  (r13905)
>     * Channels other than 10 can now be set for percussion.  (Tito
> Latini, r13908)
>     * Fixed a build issue where jack couldn't be found in newer versions
> of Debian.  (Debian #773329, r13910 and r13911)
>     * Fixed a crash where resizing the window could cause an endless
> loop.  (Tito Latini, r13919)
>     * Fixed a bug where the last track would get cut off when there was
> no horizontal scrollbar.  (r13923)
>     * Fixed a bug where the Track Buttons wouldn't get updated properly,
> leaving garbage on the screen.  (r13940)
>     * Fixed a bug where the notation interpreter would shorten
> tied-forward notes (r13943)
>     * Fixed autoscroll margin bug
>     * Fixed scrollbar single step behavior
>     * Segment canvas auto-scroll behavior is now patterned after a
> combination of Chromium, the GIMP, and Audacity. Auto-scroll only occurs
> if the mouse is dragged outside of the viewport. In the vertical
> direction, the scroll rate is fixed. In the horizontal direction, the
> scroll rate is variable based on how far the mouse is outside the viewport
>     * MIDI Import: Default channel mode to fixed
>     * CompositionModelImpl::isCachedRectCurrent() in particular has been
> broken apart for analysis. Watch for problems with segment rect drawing
> on the canvas
>     * Probably fixed a few memory leaks
>     * Fix disappearing notation preview bug
>     * Bug fix from Tito Latini fixes stupid obvious typo that has been
> around since the dawn of time, and maybe #1439 too
>     * Try to improve maintainability and to remove possible bugs by
> replacing the redundant value notationWidget::m_linearMode with
> NotationWidget::linearMode() which looks directly at
> NotationScene::m_pageMode where the original value is kept
>     * Fix the bug #1438 (Crash while pressing "Continuous Page Layout" in
> Notation Editor) using a method derived from the patch proposed by Tito
> Latini
>     * Fix #1379 by using two macro commands, one to remove and one to
> insert. Patch from Tito Latini
>     * Fix for #1437 from Tito Latini.  Considered both tied forward AND
> tied backward when interpreting notation (r14084)
> ===== New Features =====
>     * Previously, when in variations mode, the user would have to
> navigate back to the base (0th) variation in the Variation combobox
> before the other base variation programs would appear in the Program
> combobox. Now, the Program combobox always shows all of the base
> variation programs, allowing the user to jump directly to any of them.
> =====Other people who contributed to Rosegarden development:=====
>     * Tito Latini
> =====People who contributed device files to the Rosegarden Library=====
>     * Ted Felix (Kawai CA95/CS10, r13854)
>     * Martin Brentnall (Yamaha MOXF, r13862, 2/3/2015)

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