On 10/11/2015 21:17, Will Godfrey wrote:
> Yoshimi can have up to 64 parts. By default these are wraped around the normal
> MIDI channels, so 1, 17, 33 & 49 all respond to channel 1 messages. This was
> originally implemented for Vector Control, working with up to four sounds on a
> channel (similar to the Yamaha SY hardware series).
> However, these have other less obvious uses. One of these is getting far more
> than 16 completely independent tracks addressed by just the 16 channels. Most
> tunes run with instruments having a relatively narrow pitch range, and this is
> what we can make use of.

This looks also like a *very* cool and useful feature for quick 
'layering'. With layaring I mean assigning more than one voice to the 
same (musical) part to e.g. obtain really fat tones (something I'm 
lately experimenting with) and having just one track for the part in 


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