On 24/11/15 23:22, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On 11/24/2015 04:56 PM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>> Which as a side effect crashes Rosegarden at startup. I'm wondering if
>> RG could be made to be more resilient to a single plugin failure. For
>> example Ardour upon start-up reports:
> I copied this to a new bug report.  When we ran into this sort of issue
> before, all we could offer was to instruct the user to delete/hide the
> offending plugin.

Well, but I guess this would anyhow be useful as 1. the user can remove 
the plugin manually 2. File a bug to the plugin.

  It's obviously better to avoid crashing, and just
> blacklist the offending plugin, and we should.
> I have no idea what the technical hurdles are though, and no time to
> look into this myself at the moment, so this isn't exactly a promise of
> a fast turnaround on a solution.

No problem.. Just thought I'd give it a heads-up..


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