> On 25.03.2016 09:00, r...@hydrophones.com wrote:
>> The "interpret" function under the notation editor in the menu "adjust"
>> probably will do what you want, at least if you want your piece to sound
>> like it was played by human orchestral professionals.
> No, I am afraid that will not be enough.
>> If you want something more "amateur" that can also be achieved but by
>> using an
>> appropriate "amateur" soundfont or making one of your own with a bit of
>> editing using Swami.
> Uh, that would be a stretch for just getting some randomness in there.
> I think I'll just go with Cubase for this task. On the FLOSS side I hear
> Qtractor has something like it, so I might also give that a shot.
> Thanks,
> Florian

Further to the above, RoseGarden can use the Hydrogen drum synthesizer so
if you are looking for just randomization of rhythm that would be a way to
go.  On physical pitched instruments real humans don't actually make
"random" errors but instead tend to particular errors due to physical
difficulty of executing that part of the performance.  Hence the use of
"Amateur" soundfonts when one wants to simulate a high school band or
drunken performers.

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