On 13/05/2016 13:18, Ted Felix wrote:
> On 05/13/2016 06:06 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>> Does this solve the problem where if I open yoshimi (or it is already
>> opened) and load a state file *before* opening file in rosegarden,
>> rosegarden will fire a set of program changes which effectively mangle
>> my yoshimi state?
>   Probably not.  We still send the initial setup out on file load to get
> external synths ready.  If you don't want bank selects or program
> changes sent out, uncheck the Bank and Program checkboxes in the
> Instrument Parameters box for each track.
> Ted.
That's actually what I (think I) do, or better, what I do is to create a 
new midi output usually called something like "yoshimi" which is just 
blank (i.e. not general midi etc.) and would assume that wouldn't be 
sending anything. Still a bunch of program changes (and maybe 
controllers) is sent upon file load...

For scenarios like yoshimi and external synths which already have 
bank/patch/state management it would be nice to have an option to not 
send anything upon file load / playback, but only if it is in the 
events. i.e. if I have controllers explicitly written in the segment I'd 
obviously want those sent.


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