On 15/05/16 16:11, Abrolag wrote:
> On Sun, 15 May 2016 08:54:02 +0100
> Mike Rose <mikejr...@uk2.net> wrote:
>> Hi there
>> A remember using Rosegarden many years ago now.
>> I've followed developments. It's turned into a really good sequencer.
>> There are a lot of things I love about it......
>> One thing that stopped me using it concerned looping. I found it so
>> fiddly I gave up.
>> IMO the ruler at the top of the screen is much too narrow vertically.
>> I've come back after many years and installed it and still see the same
>> thing is there. I wish there was a way of making the ruler a lot bigger
>> vertically.

Personally I find the ruler the right size balance between usefulness 
and unobtrusiveness... But I am 'still' at a 1368 resolution, so no 
super-duper-hd display here :)

>> In a lot of sequencers if you want to loop a section you just drag/draw
>> easily on the ruler and let go of the mouse and a couple of loop markers
>> are  created with automatic looping switched on. It makes looping a no
>> brainer.
>> I reckon  Rosegarden would benefit from this.
>> Looping is  common activity in sequencers when you are building up a
>> track. I find I want to use the sequencer but this is a show stopper for me.
>> What do you think. It could just be me!


> There is a sneaky way you can get effective looping of complete bars.
> Once you've got the section you want to loop in place, highlight just that
> segment and switch on repeat. Where you want the loop to stop, insert another
> segment. An 'empty' segment will simply stop the loop, but if you highlight
> that segment and switch on repeat, away you go again with just the new 
> segment.
 > Put segments on different tracks and you can give them different loop 
times :)

Yes, repeat of individual segments is a great feature, especially the 
fact that you can repeat segments individually (e.g. imagine a verse + 

That said, it is different from looping sections of a whole song which 
as Mike says has many use cases.
Another way to set the loop range is through the Transport bar which is 
toggled with the 't' key.
To quickly set a point at exact measure limits another 
(not-so-well-known?) feature is that if you press PAG-UP and PAG-DOWN 
keys in Rosegarden you alway move backward/forward exactly at measures 
(I use this really a lot in general) so you can precisely move to the 
start of your range, click on the start loop range button (leftwards 
arrow at the left of the loop toggle button) etc.

My two cents.

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