On 15/06/2016 15:48, Vegard Svanberg wrote:
> To test it, I'm just using my old Edirol (Roland) USB MIDI interface and
> a Kawai K-11 keyboard. Keyboard is attached with MIDI IN/OUT cables and
> all audio is played on the keyboard (I've not installed a soft synth in
> Rosegarden).
> I quickly discovered that I have the exact same problem on Rosegarden as
> I had with Cakewalk on Windows (with a different interface; the Roland
> MPU 401)  many years back - but I'm a bit unsure on how to describe
> it!
> Simply put, when I record using my keyboard, it appears that Rosegarden
> (or something) feeds the recorded MIDI immediately back to the keyboard.

This seems a quite typical MIDI thru (or echo) problem. I assume your 
keyboard is also producing sound. Maybe this can be useful (i.e. how to 
disable midi thru in rosegarden):



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